Murray enters the lions den of Argentina
Posted on the 28th Apr 2013 in the category sport

Going into the lion’s den and walking out victorious is what every boxer dreams of but when crossing continents and borders it is always harder.

In recognition of the men and women who leave these shores to fight for pride, belts and titles It’s-A-Bout-Boxing will be bringing you the latest news on Brits Abroad.

Taking their chances against hostile crowds, tough conditions and hometown judges Brits Abroad show supreme confidence to face all these elements and return home with the win.

Whether it be America, Europe, South America or any god forsaken backwater we will let you know how our flag’s ambassador gets on.


BALLSY Martin Murray is set to fight “the world’s best middleweight in the world” in front of 50,000 fanatical fans in Argentina.

The St Helens banger will need nerves of steel to come away with Sergio Martinez’s WBC belt on April 27.

To show just how big a deal this is in Argentina the country’s President announced the fight, and as we all know, she is not the biggest fan of Englishmen at the best of times.

But the unbeaten Brit is undaunted at facing one of the toughest missions in boxing this year.

He said: “It is not daunting me at all. The crowd is going to be very hostile but I’m always in the zone when I enter the ring so it makes no difference what people are doing around me.

“I’ll be just focused on going in there and doing my job. There will be some nerves before the fight but that is a good thing, I always feel some nerves, I like them and perform off them.”

Murray is anything but a green kid going to South America as he has previous of going into a champion’s backyard and upsetting the applecart.

In 2011 he travelled to Germany and held the then WBA champion Felix Sturm to a draw in front of thousands of baying fans.

The 30-year-old said: “Having that one in Germany and then boxing at the MEN Arena showed I can perform in front of a big audience. If I’d have just been boxing in leisure centres then going into a big stadium could make me like a rabbit in headlights, but I know I always perform well on the big stage.”

He added: “Martinez is easily the best middleweight in the world so obviously need to raise my game to beat him but myself and my team know that’s something we’re very capable of doing.”

Lets hope on that fateful night in Argentina in April it is Murray who has the hands of God to beat the hometown hero.

Bolton's Golden Boy is fighting fit and back in the UK
Posted on the 27th Apr 2013 in the category sport

I was delighted to get an "exclusive" interview with Amir Khan for It's-A-Bout-Boxing, he answered all my questions good as gold and here is my feature on the Bolton Golden Boy.


He can knock people out and can get knocked out. That is the simple reason why Amir Khan is great boxing value.

Like a car crash involving a minibus full of glamour models you just cannot keep your eyes off Khan in the ring.
And he has a rare crossover appeal which would make him a favourite to be king of the celebrity jungle, waltz off with the Strictly Come Dancing title and be last man standing in the Big Brother house - on both sides of the Atlantic.

Amir is big business, but despite the distractions all he wants is to be a world champion again and his first fight in Britain for two years on April 27 is part of his promoters’ Golden Boy master plan .

The Bolton light-welterweight is fighting Mexican Julio Diaz at Sheffield's 12,000 capacity Motorpoint Arena.
“My mind is focused on Julio Diaz, a former world champion and a very dangerous opponent, and getting past him on April 27.
“I'm confident of beating him and once I get through that challenge I hope that I can get another shot at a world title before the year is out.”

British fight fans are going to see a different Khan than the last time he boxed on our shores two years ago when he won after a sixth-round technical decision against Paul McCloskey.
The 26-year-old said: “A lot has happened since I last fought here and I've changed trainers and matured more as a fighter as the years have gone on.
“Especially since my last camp with Virgil Hunter I've become more patient and more thoughtful in my approach.
“I'm going into fights now not looking to rush the job but use my key assets a lot more and break fighters down bit by bit.”

Khan is confident strategic Virgil Hunter is the perfect match after a spell with the more gung-ho Freddie Roach.  He said: “In the past I've gone in looking to knock out an opponent when I've been on top and have ended up paying for it.
“If I was a bit more patient I would have eventually stopped those guys or made things easier for myself.
“Virgil has helped give me that understanding of when to attack or when to sit back a bit and it's making me a much better fighter.”

Khan's last fight was a one-sided stoppage of Carlos Molina in Los Angeles in December after successive defeats to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia.
Diaz has a decent record of 40-7-1 (29 KO wins) and believes he can come to Khan’s back yard and beat him to a pulp, however, it will be the first time he has stepped in the ring with someone of the class of Amir.
Diaz, aged 33, said: “I’m not going to England for the fight to go to the scorecards. I’m fighting for the knockout. “I know the knockout is the only thing that will get me the win, so I’m training extra hard already in order to get a victory on Khan’s home turf.

Saturday, April 27 will be a special night for the Khan family as Amir’s younger brother Haroon is making his professional debut.
Amir said “I'm really happy for Haroon because he's always wanted to turn pro and for him to do it on the same bill as one of my fight's is great.
“I'll be watching from my dressing room as I'll be getting ready when he is in the ring but I'm sure he'll be able to hear me all the way from there.”

Also on the Golden Boy Promotions bill will be their new signing Anthony Ogogo who will be making his professional debut after capturing the Olympic bronze medal in London last year.

Ogogo said: “The opportunity to turn pro on such a big fight card in England is a dream come true.”
“I want to become a superstar and this is the first step.
“I know I have to win in an impressive fashion in my first fight as a pro and I plan on doing just that.”

Tickets for Amir Khan vs. Julio Diaz can be purchased from www.motorpointarenasheffield.co.uk or by calling 0114 256 5656.

My Mad March - In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb
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My old nan used to say: “March either comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, or comes in like a lamb and goes out like lion.”

And as the tears of laughter dry and my wallet stops crying I can look back on an incredible March which came in like a lion and left like a lamb.

From covering big time boxing to getting into Prime Minister’s Question Time and from laughing so hard I cried to being stunned to silence when I saw myself on the big screen this Spring will certainly be one I will never forget.

During a week in London I had the good fortune to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and laugh with almost everyone I met, including Les Dennis and Chris Eubank, everyone except the bloke who pulled a razorblade on me, but then again I laughed at him.

The stories I’ve heard and the tall stories I’ve told will probably disappear into the mists of time but the memories of drinking, dancing, laughing, singing and much more will always remain.

I even lost my voice, as a few of us who’d shared the London megabooze had, so when I appeared on the great Adrian Goldberg’s radio show I sounded like a husky lunatic.

The premiere of Obama and Me: The Steve Zacharanda Story documentary was an overwhelming and incredible experience which I wanted to wait a while before writing about.

To see so many friends and colleagues from the present and past in one room was very humbling. And to have Chang there meant a lot too. It was like the wedding I’ve never had.

I stressed more about people either coming or not coming than anything else concerning the whole project, as it was not my event I could not invite everyone I wanted and losing a phone meant I could not send many a text but the right amount of people turned up, and the right people did.

To see and hear how different people got on and laughed long into the night despite just meeting each other made me very proud of this town of mine, from politicians to international reggae artists to my oldest friend of 30 years to drop dead gorgeous women, and of course everyone’s favourite sidekick Gurdo - the mix was brilliant.

I just wish I could have been involved in every conversation, because the titbits I heard circling the room were funny, bizarre and hilarious not to mention a few illegal.

I bet there are not many people who had to get the bus to a premiere of a film they starred in, then again I bet not many others were shopping in Poundstretcher for
earphones the next day either.

If I’d have got my shit together I’d have ended the night in a swanky hotel, instead I ended it pinballing through Perry Barr’s streets in the cold to my mum's house like a million nights before, but it was not a night for any regrets.

Despite all the raised eyebrows and fearful glances when I told people I’d not seen the documentary before its screening I had no real fear how I’d come across, my brand image is that of an idiot, so I can hardly lose.

I’m glad to say that like the YouTube video the bottom line about the documentary, and there will be people who don’t like it, is that it is funny.

Being in the Electric Cinema with so many people roaring with laughter at words I’d forgotten I’d said was something I will never forget – who knows I might have created a few new catchphrases – “I was doing good cut and pasting” has been said to me many times since.

I am so glad I never got involved with the editorial process, I don’t like when people tell me how to write so how could I tell Lee and Matthew from Jolly Demon Productions how to make a movie.

And what a film, the response was fantastic, so many people said it made them laugh and word must have spread because I was inundated with requests for DVDs and details of further screenings.

However, I can tell you now the documentary will be aired in Birmingham again, but not for a while as it is being entered into documentary festivals, all of which have strict rules about where the film can be shown.

But in good time I shall certainly organise another screening in Birmingham and hopefully there will be one in London too because I have had lots of interest about a showing in the smoke.

Now it all seems a dream, especially as I’ve not seen the documentary since. As always with life if there are incredible highs the lows are sure to follow and by God they came in the second half of this March.

And I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me or offered support, it has meant a lot, I really do have an incredible circle of workmates and friends.  

Due to the illness of a loved one I was under virtual house arrest for over a week but thanks to care workers visiting my home twice daily I’ve been allowed out to go back to work and have some sort of social life.

Hence why March is leaving like a lamb, there was no chance I could repeat a London megabooze this Easter holiday, no matter how much I wanted to.

However, thanks to a stroke of luck a holiday, the first I’ve in a decade which will not involve megaboozing, writing a book, volunteering for Obama or being forced to tour cheese factories, is now on the horizon.

I shall soon be writing a lot of stories about the mental health provision this city of mine offers because my eyes have been opened about the state of the NHS in Birmingham during this mad March.

After all the great thing about being a journalist is being able to ask difficult questions of authority, questions if a stressed out individual member of the public asked would be ignored.

It is pukka getting free colonic irrigation or a paid for trip abroad but causing trouble for the right reason is what I became a hack for!

Watch this space.  


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