Nothing beats the first day back in the big time!
Posted on the 17th Aug 2019 in the category sport

The first game of the season is always special, especially when the sun is out.

Ok, we got a harsh Premier League lesson but for a club (who invented the world's first football league) it was great to be back in the big time.
I went for coffee with my mate Jimmy Davis (T8PES) at One Stop (first time for everything) and he had a spare ticket for the McGregor Suite in the Trinity with his wonderful family.
Seeing all the McGregor memorabelia really was great, a timely reminder that we invented this shit! 
Kick off was goose pimple raising, spine tingling stuff. But then 45 seconds reality set in.
McGinn's passing was off and Super Jack looked anything but super. Wesley looked like it was his second game in a faster league than he is used too. But despite the stepover which led the goal, Douglas Luiz looked our a best player. What a find he is. 
And what a goal, what a celebration that was. It felt brilliant. Considering Bournemouth started playing for time in the 25th minute we had a good go. The signs are there, I refuse to believe there are any must win games at this stage of the season but we can't afford to lose against Everton on Friday night.
I loved the Championship which is so much better than the Premiership for excitement but we've got the cash to make a dent in the league. 
I loved seeing so many familiar faces, I've been going down the Villa for 35 years now, it is and always was, is, and will be a big part of life. I also enjoyed seeing the Welsh manager and Scottish manager at the game. Even managed to get a picture with Ryan Giggs, who to be fair is one good looking geezer. 
I've left London now, so can pop into pubs to see away games and hopefully go to a lot of home games. It is great to be back home. I knew it would be.
The Comeback of Steve Zacharanda is gathering pace, professionally and, most importantly, personally.


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