Memories of the best gig of my life - The Specials
Posted on the 6th Jan 2013 in the category sport

I just enjoyed watching the best gig I ever went to on Sky Arts - The Specials at Wolverhampton Civic Hall in November 2009. Ever since hearing their music in my teens I've loved Coventry's finest, their music and lyrics seem to accompany my life through manhood too, so seeing them, ok minus Jerry, was a huge honour.

When I had the Goggle-eye website Gurdip and I did some great work on The Specials comeback and though I missed their comeback gig in Brum because I was in St Louis I went to the Civic gig six months later, I've dug out the review I did for the Halesowen News the morning after that so special night, however, it looks like the more spicy one for Goggle-eye might be lost forever....


It was sweaty, a bit scary and it left me feeling like a rude boy - I’m not talking about sex but seeing The Specials at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall.


Thanks to being in the middle of the boisterous crowd I am aching all over after being pushed from pillar to post in one of the gigs of the year.


When the curtain went up and the first chords of Do the Dog blared out the crowd went wild and at one stage it was possible to lift your feet off the ground and be carried back and forth by the sweating masses.


The return of The Specials has been one of the musical stories of 2009 and their live gigs are quickly becoming legendary and giving scores of devoted fans who missed out the first time round to say ‘I saw them live’.


The band were enjoying themselves even though it can be hard to tell with Terry Hall who permanently looks like Jack Dee after getting a parking ticket.


Neville Staple was jumping around the stage like he was 20-years-old and watching Roddy Radiation stripping off and playing guitar with a bottle was worth the entrance fee alone.


But the menace that Hall spits out some of the most cutting and brilliant lyrics ever written by a British band made the performance extra special.


Of course it’s a shame that the mad genius behind the band Jerry Dammers was not on keyboards but with so many other parts working so well it hardly mattered to the fans going crazy to hit after hit.


Do Nothing was wonderful, Too Much Too Young sent the crowd wild, A Message to You Rudy sublime, and the encores of Enjoy Yourself, Ghost Town and Your Wandering Now were all brilliant.


The fact that The Specials have made their comeback in the biggest recession for a generation when the far right are on the rise again makes them as relevant as ever.


And as I jumped up and down with my Sikh mate bumping into black and white fans worshipping their Midlands heroes playing a British take on Jamaican Ska I couldn’t help but think my whole world made sense.


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