If Carlesberg made days to shock out to....
Posted on the 24th Jan 2014 in the category sport


What an incredibly emotional day, last day at the electric shock clinic, spent ten hours a week there for last seven weeks. Ok i was fast asleep for a lot of it, but learning about everybody's different lives, struggles, cares and loves was very humbling.

Is there a german phrase for "i hope i see you again, but not under these circumstances, maybe in the bargain isle of Morrisons, but just not here" - seeing the difference in the humans who came all those weeks ago and the difference this controversial treatment that so many people think is barbaric but is in its own way is beautiful was fascinating.

The staff who at first thought i was there for treatment but ended up in stitches at my tales of love's lost and ended up giving me unwanted dating advice were like a second family, as were the drivers who let me stop off for fags and The Times. 

Breakfast at the Electric Shock Clinic, what a great name for a band, or a book, for me it will be a proper news feature that will educate on a national, maybe international level. Mom's better than she has has been for 9 months, and so am I. 
I cant wait to get back to work for five days a week again, thanks to the Newsquest Midlands Massive or covering my ass this last few months, us cynical hard news hacks get a bad press but there are diamonds in our newsroom who put up with me and my smells. 
And I cant wait to be finishing the working week in the Crown and Cushion Pub on Friday with a well earned pint. Which thanks to a carer I managed to have a few tonight with Gurdip Thandi and Kevin Aron Andrew Moore which signals the rebirth of the Steve Zacharanda Radio Show, which had a longer break than Terry Griffiths being extra careful.
To top it off I got an exclusive I've been chasing since 08, nothing beats that feeling of the stomach churning knowing I've got a story no-one knew about or could ever get. And more impotantly a place to put it - Birmingham Review.
I'm going to smash the shit out of 2014.I'm going to write more and start on my first novel. Which will be sleazy and beautiful. I'm going to be travelling like an international travel journalist should. This last year I've been like a caged hungry lion in a zoo made of poisonous marzipan. And all of it building up volunteering for mid-terms in Detroit and Chicago in October, I'm gonna find the dirtiest election going and me and my partner in crime John are going to have a ball. 
I'd also like to thank everyone who has instant messaged me, emailed, texted, joked, prayed, sent dirty pictures and dodgy websites during this difficult period, it has meant a lot.
2014 starts tomorrow for me!



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