I'm Comin' Alive! T8PES new track unspooled a million memories of raving
Posted on the 24th Jul 2020 in the category sport

If already knew I missed dancing then T8PES new track Comin' Alive has made me realise I will never take shocking out in a club for granted EVER again. 

Today the Brummie rapper dropped a banger of dance tune in the middle of this nightclubless nightmare we all living through. 

In one way it is as frustrating as double dropping duds because I can't bloody hear this perfectly crafted 90s house inspired 21st Century tune on a packed dancefloor. However, Comin' Alive has come at the perfect time because it is the reminder of what we had, and cannot let slide into history. 

T8PES, aka Jimmy Davis, has always written lyrics smarter than most modern mumblers, whether he is spitting truth to power or painting a picture of a piss poor puberty, and Comin' Alive is no different. Using his signature word play to pledge his love for another T8PES tells a thinkin raver's love story.

"We had to connect when I saw the colour of the glow that's surrounding

Her aura, aurora borealis


The 90s feel reminds me of tales of 20 stone badmen disappearing after Wobble only to turn up a week later with a peroxide perm and an empty wallet as the only reminders of a supercharged chemical romance.

Just like a night out needs other people to create euphoria T8PES has brought in the cream of Midland music talent to ensure Comin' Alive rises to the top. Rhinna Keane's vocals are like a stroke down a rushing neck and Walsall's Burt Von Dirt's production gives the tune a Vicks vapor rub, as for the remix, by Brummie banger-maker ENiGMA Dubz, it will get more feet moving than a coughing fit in a lift.

For this lot to come up with such a brilliant tune in Covid-Lockdown is a testament to their talent and the unextinguishable power of human creativity. 

Music is the cheapest form of time travel available to us, hearing one song can take you back to a certain place and time.

If I hear Talisman I am in the middle of Tin Tins surrounded by what seemed everybody I knew sweating and smiling.

When I hear those words ‘be-bop-a-lula’ in the rap in Bassheads Is There Anybody Out There? I am transported back into Miss Moneypennies trying to dance with a darling who every other bloke seemed to be set on snaring.

If I hear come Come With Me to the Dancefloor I am in Oasis in West Brom in 1995 surrounded by friends, and totally mashed avoiding thinking about leaving for uni in a few hours time.

And when I hear 2 Bad Mice Bombscare I am in an underground nuclear bunker shocking out like a good un.

But rarely does a new song or album transport me back to a time when I ran wild and free.

But T8PES Comin' Alive does that for me, and I can give a new tune no higher compliment. 
Listen to Comin' Alive here 


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