Hell hath no fury like millions of women scorned - Hillary to win big
Posted on the 1st Nov 2016 in the category sport

We are in the last 24 hours of this bonkers American election which has amused and shocked in equal measure.
All those late nights watching the primary debates and results seem so long ago, because they are, this has being going on for nearly 18 months. And 95 per cent of the people I've met in New York, Charlotte, Trenton, Philly, Lancaster, Baltimore and Perry Hall are sick to death of it.
My not so scientific polling of barmen, waitresses, drinkers, hotel receptionists and uber drivers included some brilliant conversations but nearly all said they cannot wait for it to be over.

Friends arguing with friends, husbands and wives not speaking, Facebook accounts suspended to avoid clashing in status comment boxes and lying about who to vote for to prevent lectures from friends, I've heard them all.
And no one, well just one out of hundreds, actually admitting that they really like either candidate.
So many said it was the lesser of two evils, and Kane in Bob and Barbara's Philly dive bar summed it up the best when he said this election was the evil of two lessers.

"How in a country of hundreds of millions did we end up with these two fucks?" said our bullshit free Baltimore uber driver.
How indeed. I'm guessing like so many aspects of American life it comes down to money and who has the most of it.
If Hilary Clinton wins tomorrow an eye watering amount will have been spent for her to become POTUS, nearly a billion dollars on her various campaigns. All for a $400,000 a year job. Go figure, as they say here.

As for Trump it is impossible to calculate how much free media airtime he has clocked up during a campaign which was first laughed at and then steamrollered all his Republican politician foes.
His message of "can't be bought - Trump" is plastered over bridges, posters and televisions across the nation. His line in the Republican debates "I used to pay these people to do what I want" was so powerful in a country where so many voters think their politician are bought off by big business for good reason.

Robin Williams said it best - politicians should be like race drivers and wear the badges of their sponsors on their suits.
Well dearly departed Mork has his wish because Trump has his company's name on everything from his suit to his gold plane.
If only George Carlin and Bill Hicks were around to put this mad election into context, what I would give to hear them pair talk about Trump, Hilary and the state of the Union.

Another reason people are sick of the election is because it is so all encompassing, especially if you are in a swing state. If you turn on a TV, radio, computer or phone then it will be seconds or minutes before an advert pops up. And not just about Trump or Hillary because there is not just one election tomorrow but thousands across the country from congressmen to dog wardens. As we do not have political advertising in Britain I am now kind of hooked on watching attack adverts, especially in the local races, the McGinty v Toomey Pennsylvania ones were beautifully brutal. However, I do love how businesses use the election to sell stuff, from the coffee cup contests to casinos raffling off trips to Canada the day after the election.

As well as the elections to office there are over 150 single issue ballots, whether it be the vote in California about porn actors wearing condoms or the several states deciding to legalise weed. There are also votes on the level of minimum wages in places and environmental battles.
In most places the ballot papers are cowing huge and often confusing, sometimes purposely to put off poorly educated voters who often vote Democrat.

Over 40 states also allow early voting due to the sheer weight of numbers of people who come out on Election Day and the confusion that can cause.
In North Carolina, where we were for three days, the local Republicans (the same people who shot their state in the foot by making transsexuals use the toilet of their birth) had brought in early voting restrictions to hinder African-American voting. An old trick which is being replayed in several states, the lines always seem longer in black neighbourhoods whether it because of old equipment being used or less staff being on duty.
Despite the whole country being geared up for democracy the turnout is rarely above 60 per cent, which is lower than most countries.

This is my third US presidential election in America, the first one I worked my bollocks off for Obama, the second one I did a bit of volunteering but not as much as he was the most powerful man in the world by then. For the last midterms and this election I am more of an interested observer.

That magical November 2008 night when America, which was built on slavery, elected a black man to its highest office was all about hope.
The rest of the world fell back in love with the continent that gave us Hollywood, the blues, jazz and rock n roll.

Tomorrow, when Hillary wins it will be about relief not hope, relief it is over and relief the world has dodged a bullet by not putting a nutcase in the White House.
Why do I think she will win?
Well Trump's nasty campaign has awoken three electoral giants - angry white men for him and Latinos and women for Hillary. There simply are not enough angry white men to pick a president, this is 2016 not 1955 and you cannot fight demographics.
The registration of Latinos is up by over 140 per cent in some places, their turnout will make up for the lower African-American vote who came out in force for Obama twice.
Every Latino will know someone who Trump has threatened to send home, and it was electoral madness pissing off so many people.

And women, the beautiful, strong, brave women of America, will win it for one of their own, not because they want her but because they don't want him.
They don't want their children to see it is ok for the president to admit sexual assault and for many his boasts have triggered bad memories they had long ago buried. Hell hath no fury like millions of women scorned.

I'm guessing I will be one of the few people in the entire country who will be sad when the election ends tomorrow, and that's because I will have to go home.


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